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Phoenix AZ area - Maricopa County rentals
All rental properties shown in my searches have the following characteristics:
  • single family detached homes only (want to see condos, townhomes, etc? call me)
  • $800+/month
  • ready to be viewed and rented
  • Maricopa County (Phoenix area cities) only
  • 3+ bedrooms; 2+ bathrooms
  • I show properties daily from 10am-2pm on a "first come, first served" basis by appointment only
  • **** you MUST CALL ME at least a DAY IN ADVANCE to set up an appointment to be shown homes ****
  • ready to go find your next rental home? call me TODAY and we'll discuss what you're looking for
  • schedules permitting, we can get out looking at rental homes TOMORROW!! :)

Properties shown daily from 10am-2pm ONLY! Call me for an appointment at least a DAY IN ADVANCE!!

How much do you have to pay to rent a property?
  • First month's rent
  • Security deposit, refundable depending on property condition at move-out (usually equal to first's month rent, but COULD be up to 1.5x a month's rent)
  • Cleaning deposit (usually $200-$300), usually NON-refundable
  • Pet deposit, if any (usually $150-$200 per pet), may or may NOT be refundable
  • Upfront "admin fees", if any (usually $100-$200) - most places don't charge these
  • The "earnest deposit" is PART OF the total amounts mentioned above
  • ***** ONLY the "earnest deposit" is needed to "lock down" the property *****
  • *** The earnest deposit is paid AFTER you get approved ***
  • *** The rest of the money is paid when you get the keys to move in ***
  • The "earnest deposit" usually ranges from $300 to one full month's rent
Be aware of the following also...
  • Monthly rental is usually increased by 2% to cover city rental income taxes (if rent is $1,000/month, you'll actually pay $1,020/month)
  • Tenants should make at least 3X the monthly rent (more on this below)
  • Credit/background checks usually run $30-$50 per adult over 18
  • "Dangerous" dogs are usually, though not always, excluded - pit bulls, dobermans, rotweillers, german shepherds, chow chows
  • Seeing-eye dogs are ok
  • Some landlord/management companies charge monthly "admin fees" in addition to rent
  • Some landlord/management companies charge monthly "pet fees" per pet in addition to pet deposits
  • Some landlord/management companies make the initial pet deposits non-refundable, despite keeping the "cleaning deposits", even if pets do no damage
  • Some landlord/management companies REQUIRE you to have renter's insurance (covers your possessions INSIDE the property and reduces their liability)
  • The "earnest deposit" is PART OF the "total amount" needed to get the keys and move in - often itself equal to one month's rent
  • In summary, "total amount" to move in is usually TWICE the monthly rent plus any cleaning / pet / admin deposit fees
  • .
  • If you NEED frig, washer and dryer - or any combo thereof - I can show only homes that have these (let me know)
  • Generally, the tenant(s) should have a "gross" (before taxes) monthly income of at least THREE times the monthly rent
  • Tenants will likely need to be employed or have some form of verifable income (or LARGE cash reserves in their names)
  • Tenants will likely be asked to present PROOF of income or cash reserves (last two check stubs, bank statements, etc)
  • Tenants should NOT have any evictions or major (active) collections in their history
  • Bankruptcies, foreclosures or short sales that occured some time ago may NOT necessarily stop you from approval - every situation is different
  • The higher the credit scores, the better (ALL tenants over 18 must have backgrounds checked)
  • Landlords often "frown" on felonies, so keep that in mind
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